Classically trained actor with a BfA in Acting from The Theatre Academy in Helsinki. I have acted in dozens of professional stage performances. Additionally I have done film, TV, voice-overs, commercials and corporate acting work.

Beyond Enemy Lines - Co-Lead/Allan Finholm - Åke Lindman Film Production

 Kaverin i linsen - Lead - YLE / Pekka Munsterhjelm

 Kites over Helsinki - Supporting/Kimpo Malm - Kinoproduction

Supergorillan - Lead - SVT / Mikaela Sonck

 My New Country - Lead - YLE / Joakim Haldin

 Tallinna - Lead - TV5

 Rakkaudella katettu - Lead - SubTV

 Unikulma (commercial) - Lead - MTV3

Colorado Avenue - Lead/Ed Ness - Sven Sid

 They Shoot Horses, Don't They? - Lead/Robert - Erik Pöysti

 The Brothers Lionheart - Co-Lead/Orvar - Sven Sid

 A Midsummer Night’s Dream - Co-Lead/Oberon - Bobo Lundén

 Animal Farm - Co-Lead/Snowball - Sven Sid

 Grease - Supporting/Kenickie - Sven Sid

 The Full Monty - Supporting/Chip Dale - Cris af Enehielm

 The Sound of Music - Supporting/Kurt - Sven Sid

Elisa Videra - Switchboard announcements - Mikko Lindqvist
Arbetshälsoinstitutet - Switchboard announcements - Mikko Lindqvist

 Lé Gryuére - Commercial - Pete Welling

 Supergorillan - Voice acting - Mikaela Sonck

 Hufvudstadsbladet - Audiobooks - (+100 hours)

 Silja Line - Voice Acting - Jarkko Tamminen

BfA in Acting - Theatre Academy in Helsinki
Theatre semester (Practice period) - Los Angeles City College


Producer and director of personal development seminars, worldwide. Since my first event in 2002 I have been obsessed to learn from the best and teach it to the rest. My clients include Bob Proctor, David Wolfe, Joseph McClendon III and John Gray.

I have produced/co-produced over 200 events in 30 countries on 6 continents;

The Finnish Smoothie Championships, Purium Conference, Biohacker Summit, Upgraded Life Festival, Allsång på Raseborg, Fresh Food Festival, Nordic Personal Development Congress, Elevate Nordic, Longevity NOW Conference,Women’s Wellness Conference, Raw Living Expo, Cure to Cancer Conference, Vitality - Longevity & Genius Conference and many more...


With a broad range of subjects; from success mentality, energy, character development, sacred sexuality, residual income, relationships, presentation skills, to finding your passion and many more, I can guarantee that you will learn concrete and useful tools to make your life better, personally AND professionally.

Here is a selection of companies I have shared my knowledge with:
Natural High Festival, Tikkurila, Rastor, Veikkaus, Altia, Kaunaisten Kaupunki, OP-Pohjola Lähivakuutus, TerhiTec, Info Build, yseiparkens skola,Adato Oy, Titaanijohtajat, Sihteeri ja Assistenttipäivät, Evira, Suomen Messut, Syöpäliitto, Orion, Valiojäätelö, Briim Oy, DNA, Uskalla Innostua ;-)

Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP
Kundalini Reiki Master
Authorized Aivobic Instructor
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist